End of BBC iPlayer Download Era

BBC iPlayer to end downloads for PCs and Macs

BBC iPlayer to end downloads for PCs and Macs

The BBC has announced that it will be discontinuing the ability to download content from the BBC iPlayer for PCs and Macs. This decision comes as part of the broadcaster’s efforts to streamline its service and focus on providing a more seamless streaming experience for users.

Starting from next month, users will no longer be able to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing on their computers. Instead, they will be encouraged to use the iPlayer app on their mobile devices or smart TVs to stream content directly. This move is in line with the increasing trend towards online streaming services and the decline of traditional downloads.

The BBC has stated that this change will not affect users who have already downloaded content for offline viewing, as they will still be able to watch it until it expires. However, new downloads will no longer be available for PCs and Macs.

Overall, this decision reflects the evolving landscape of digital media consumption and the BBC’s commitment to adapting to changing viewer habits. While some users may be disappointed by the loss of the download feature, the BBC hopes that the improved streaming experience will ultimately be beneficial for all viewers.

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