Healthcare Hack: Romanian Hospitals Under Ransomware Attack

Ransomware hits dozens of Romanian hospitals

Recently, dozens of hospitals across Romania have fallen victim to a widespread ransomware attack, causing chaos in the healthcare system.

The cyber attack, carried out by an unknown group of hackers, encrypted the data of the hospitals, rendering them unable to access crucial patient information or medical records. The hackers then demanded a hefty ransom in exchange for the decryption keys.

As a result of the attack, several hospitals were forced to cancel surgeries, postpone appointments, and divert emergency patients to other medical facilities. The situation has sparked outrage among healthcare workers and patients alike.

The Romanian government has assured the public that they are working tirelessly to resolve the situation and bring the culprits to justice. In the meantime, cybersecurity experts are advising healthcare institutions to beef up their security measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.

It is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities in our increasingly digitized world and the importance of staying vigilant against cyber threats.

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