Plinth Pals

Giant Potato and Big Cat on Fourth Plinth Shortlist

Two unconventional contenders have made it onto the shortlist for the coveted Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The giant potato, a whimsical creation by artist Sarah Lucas, has garnered attention for its playful take on traditional sculpture. Measuring over 10 feet in height, the oversized spud is sure to make a statement if chosen for the prestigious spot.

Another standout finalist is the big cat sculpture, a striking and life-like depiction of a feline predator. Created by renowned sculptor Ai Weiwei, this piece combines artistry and realism in a captivating way.

Both pieces bring a sense of whimsy and wonder to the Fourth Plinth shortlist, challenging convention and sparking conversation about the role of public art in modern society.

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