Screaming in Silence

Without painkillers, we leave patients to scream for hours

It is a common problem in healthcare systems around the world that patients are not provided with adequate pain management. This can lead to patients suffering needlessly and even resorting to screaming in agony.

Medical professionals have a duty to ensure that patients receive the pain relief they need to alleviate suffering and provide comfort. Without proper painkillers, patients may be left to endure excruciating pain for extended periods of time.

It is crucial for hospitals and healthcare facilities to prioritize pain management and ensure that patients are not neglected or ignored when it comes to their pain. Every patient deserves to be treated with compassion and receive the necessary medication to manage their pain effectively.

Without painkillers, we are failing our patients and allowing them to suffer in silence. It is essential that healthcare providers take action to address this issue and ensure that patients receive the care and pain relief they deserve.

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