The Donkey Dilemma: Millions Slaughtered for Medicine

Millions of donkeys killed each year to make medicine

Millions of donkeys killed each year to make medicine

It has been reported that millions of donkeys are being killed each year to produce a traditional Chinese medicine called ejiao. This practice has led to a drastic decline in the global donkey population and raised concerns about animal welfare.

Ejiao is believed to have various medicinal properties, including improving blood circulation and treating anemia. As a result, there is a high demand for this product in China and other Asian countries.

Donkeys are often sourced from countries such as Africa, where they are bred for their meat and hides. In some cases, donkeys are stolen from rural communities, leading to conflicts and endangering the livelihoods of farmers.

Animal rights activists have been calling for stricter regulations to protect donkeys and prevent their exploitation for the production of ejiao. Many are advocating for alternative sources of the medicine that do not involve the killing of these animals.

As consumers, it is important to be aware of the impact our choices have on the well-being of animals. By supporting sustainable and cruelty-free practices, we can help protect donkeys and other vulnerable species from harm.

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