US Bans AI Robocalls

US Makes AI-Generated Robocalls Illegal

US Makes AI-Generated Robocalls Illegal

In a landmark decision, the United States government has passed a new law making AI-generated robocalls illegal. This move comes as a response to the growing problem of spam calls that have been plaguing consumers for years.

Robocalls have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, with scammers using artificial intelligence to mimic human voices and deceive unsuspecting victims. These calls can be annoying at best and malicious at worst, leading to financial losses and privacy breaches for those who fall victim to them.

The new law, known as the Anti-Robocall Act, prohibits the use of AI technology to generate automated calls without the explicit consent of the recipient. Violators will face hefty fines and penalties, with repeat offenders facing potential jail time.

This move has been widely praised by consumer rights groups and privacy advocates, who have long been calling for stricter regulations on robocalls. By outlawing AI-generated calls, the government hopes to curb the spread of spam and protect consumers from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Overall, this decision marks a significant step towards protecting the privacy and security of Americans in an increasingly digital world. With the new law in place, hopefully, consumers can enjoy a much-needed respite from the incessant barrage of unwanted robocalls.

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