US Promises $60bn Aid to Ukraine

Biden assures Zelensky US will send $60bn in aid

Biden assures Zelensky US will send $60bn in aid

On a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Joe Biden has assured him that the United States will send $60 billion in aid to support Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

This significant commitment from the US comes as Ukraine continues to face aggression from Russia, with ongoing military attacks and territorial disputes.

President Biden reiterated the United States’ strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, reaffirming that the US stands with Ukraine in its efforts to defend itself against foreign aggression.

The $60 billion aid package will include financial assistance, military support, and humanitarian aid to help Ukraine as it deals with the impact of the conflict on its people and infrastructure.

This demonstration of solidarity from the US is seen as a crucial step in helping Ukraine withstand Russian pressure and maintain its independence and security.

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